Multi Channel Commerce

Effective Strategy and Solution for
Multi-Channel Commerce

Businesses today need to tap into the ever growing channels of commerce to stay connected with the consumer. Online store, email, facebook, amazon, twitter and mobile all with 24/7 access has forced businesses to relook at the traditional approach and adopt a multi-channel strategy or miss out on millions of potential customers and markets that were never available to them before.

Manage My Orders multi-channel commerce framework synergizes multiple channels to enable a superior consumer experience. Integration, automation and collaboration are critical to ride this new wave of opportunity effectively. Our platform produces product feeds for multiple channels, and even ties directly to the more popular channels via their API, automating the entire process from listing, to receiving orders to processing the orders.

Customer Benefits

  • A unified and comprehensive view of inventory and order data
  • Integration of inventory and order management systems
  • 360 degree view of customers and enhanced loyalty through targeted promotions, cross- channel data integration and analysis
  • Personalized shopping experiences by using techniques such as guided selling systems and recommendations.
  • 24/7 presence and order acceptance
  • Consistency in brand, product, price and promotional information across all channels